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Ways to get involved with BUILD


Student Supervisors lead and direct volunteers to construct medical clinics and achieve BUILD's mission to unite the student body. Because the main goal of a Student Supervisor is to connect with volunteers, prior construction experience is not required. Student Supervisors are with BUILD during the fall semester.

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Volunteers are essential to our project and BUILD welcomes all Texas A&M students to our worksite. BUILD is a great volunteering opportunity for individuals, groups of friends, and entire student organizations and we are excited you are interested in volunteering with BUILD!


Command Team members plan and lead the fall construction project. There are 10 Command Teams and each plays a critical role in ensuring that the project runs smoothly. To learn more about each team, click on the TEAMS page. Command Team members are with BUILD for an entire year.


Adult Advisors are members of the local community that give their time to help with BUILD's project. They serve on-site throughout the fall semester by lending a helping hand and helping implement quality control. They also talk to members and volunteers on site, and are known for their wonderful stories.

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Each Fall semester, BUILD constructs Texas Aggie Medical Clinics. These clinics are then given to a Non-Governmental Organization to help people in places of need. The NGO's that partner with BUILD play an essential part in transforming our Aggie Spirit into accessible health care across the world. 

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