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Volunteer with BUILD

Whether you’re a student looking to make a global impact or an organization wanting to serve, we’re excited you’re interested in volunteering with BUILD! 

Site Hours:

September 16 to November 23

Monday thru Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM

750 Agronomy Rd, College Station, TX 77840

If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact us at

Please wear closed-toed shoes, sleeved shirts, and long pants to site!

If you are an individual wanting to volunteer, there is no need to book a shift. You can simply show up during site hours. 

If you are looking to schedule your organization or group to volunteer at BUILD, please click the "Book Now" button below. 


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    1 hr

    Come BUILD with us!

Frequently Asked Questions​​:​

What should I wear when I volunteer? 

Please wear closed-toed shoes, sleeved shirts, and long pants. There is a limited availability of scrubs a volunteer may wear but is not guaranteed. If you have long hair, please tie it back.  Please adhere to these guidelines in order to volunteer with BUILD!


How do I get to the BUILD site? 

Site is right next to the General Services Complex on Bus Route # 6 (12th Man). You can park at the General Services parking lot with any valid Texas A&M parking permit. 


Is there a limit for how many times my organization can volunteer? 

Your organization is welcome to sign up for as many shifts as you all would like, although most organizations prefer weekly or biweekly schedules.

Can I volunteer on my own?

Of course! You DO NOT need to sign up, just show up to site ready to work!


I have no construction experience; can I still volunteer? 

Absolutely! Volunteering does not require previous construction experience. We welcome anyone, whether you're a master builder or a novice who has never touched a hammer before. 


Do I need to sign up to volunteer? 

If you are a student interested in volunteering, there is no need to sign up. Only groups need to sign up. The only requirement is filling out a Waiver form when you come to site for the first time that year.  


Do I need to fill out any paperwork before coming to site?

No. We have implemented a new electronic waiver which will be completed upon arrival at site.


What will I do when I volunteer?

Volunteers will have the opportunity to help paint, sand, prepare panels, install frames cabinets and flooring, along with many other tasks while on the BUILD site. Volunteers play a crucial role in completing the Aggie Medical Clinics and this mission wouldn't be possible without our volunteers. 

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