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Our Design Team is responsible for the design process of the medical clinics, including the completion of the construction manual and construction documents to be used during the fall semester. They also oversee all quality control during construction, mural design, and side project management. The design team utilizes past documents to refine the plan for this year, using programs such as AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and Adobe.  The design team works closely with the Materials Team, Construction Team, and Adult Advisors to ensure full cohesiveness and total competence in the construction requirements.

2024 Design Team:


Chris Culpepper - Team Lead

Juliette Cody

Tina Oghlanian

Gavin Graham

Tyler Peyton

Aubrey Koch

Derrick Tse

Alejandra Gonzalez

Thomas Stephan

Stella Tjhia

Dimitris Kalafatis

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