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& Training

The Development and Training team is responsible for the development of student supervisors, providing safety training to all BUILD members, and enforcing safety protocols on site. This may include but not be limited to the creation of instructional videos, fabrication of training materials, and helping student supervisors feel welcome, informed, and confident as members of BUILD. D&T will also recruit student supervisors, help the Design Team enforce QA/QC on site, and work closely with the Volunteers Team to ensure that all BUILD members are knowledgeable of what tools are acceptable and unacceptable for volunteers to use.  




2024 Development & Training:


Evan Brunner - Team Lead

Kelly Wang

Benjamin Borchers

Christopher Lo

Jamey Peyton

Dawnson Richburg

Catherine Chaison

Piper Klein

Cesar Zertuche

Kaitlin Sander

Vivian Combs

Gautam Vashisht

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