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Texas Aggie Medical Clinics (TAMCs)

Texas Aggie Medical Clinics are 40 foot long shipping containers that are converted into fully functional medical clinics. They are outfitted with key essentials such as lighting, electrical outlets, plumbing, flooring, cabinets, air conditioning, and wall-mounted fans, and are powered by diesel generators. These supplies are donated in-kind or acquired at discounted rates.


From designing the medical clinics to raising funds to support the construction of TAMCs, BUILD Command Team members take great pride in the completion and deployment of each of the TAMCs. BUILD benefits from the assistance of adult advisors who volunteer their time to advise students during the construction process. TAMCs are completed on campus with the help of student supervisors and volunteers. 


After completion, the TAMCs are transported to our partner Medical Bridges located in Houston, Texas. Medical Bridges' mission is to collect and deploy surplus medical supplies and used equipment to benefit impoverished people in developing countries. BUILD has formed a partnership with Medical Bridges, whereby each TAMC is stocked with medical supplies and equipment (estimated value ≈ $50,000) prior to international shipment. Furthermore, staff personnel at Medical Bridges assist BUILD in identifying and vetting NGOs that are capable of providing long-term operational support for the TAMCs.


As of February 2020, 27 TAMCs have been completed and BUILD is on track to complete an additional five this fall. All five of these clinics will be supported by Medical Bridges. 

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