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External Relations

The External Relations Team serves as the main contact and resource for non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and BUILD alumni. This team also plans and organizes international and domestic trips to existing BUILD clinics. The External Relations team coordinates with the Internal Relations team to plan select events, such as the Dedication Ceremony. Also, a responsibility of the External Relations team is corresponding with donors and organizing fundraising activities. They are tasked with calling, visiting, and presenting to businesses and donors in order to raise enough money to complete the BUILD 2022 project. This team will also be tasked with growing donor relationships and presenting appreciation gifts. 


2024 External Relations Team:


Sam Parrish - Co Team Lead

Zachary Doherty - Co Team Lead

Rudolf Bendixen 
Mark Keller
William Marshall
Emily Iglesias
Spencer Wallace
Mason Mock
David Hunt
Celine Faroughian
Kaitlyn Cox
Sarah Easley
Ryan Sharar
Daisy Lara
Colleen Parro
Rushil Sajjan

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