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Our Construction Team is in charge of three main objectives: managing the personnel on site, knowing the construction process, and providing expertise in a variety of tasks on site. Construction Team members, also known as Superintendents on site, communicate between Adult Advisors and Student Supervisors, prepare for volunteers, teach student supervisors construction techniques, and make sure the construction process is followed thoroughly. Superintendents extensively use power tools and typically have previous construction experience. 


2023 Construction Team:

Jude Wiggins - Team Lead

Zachary Brown

Madeline Maupin

Jeffrey Masteller

Caden Hollingsworth

Marco Santambrogio

Jackson Osborne

Meer Mahfuz

Jamey Peyton

 Mario Ehrenzweig

Luke Warren

Evan Brunner

Benjamin Passement

Jacob Scanlan

Bryce Kelley

Nick Moskola

Madison Danenberg

Conner Mullen

Angela Alvarado

Richard Gonsalez

Aiden Devlin

Gabriel Rodriguez

Zosia Villarreal

Fayadh Chowdhury

Ian Leibowitz

Kyle Cones

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