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Our Construction Team encompasses four objectives: manage personnel on-site, organize all subcontractors, prepare a construction schedule, and organize all site shifts. The responsibilities during the fall semester will include managing the site as the head supervisor and overseeing day-to-day activities. The Construction Team manages all communication in BUILD relating to the construction process and should be comfortable with making sure it is followed thoroughly.

2024 Construction Team:

Angela Alvarado - Team Lead

Matthew Kyle - Team Lead

Meer Mahfuz
Luis Garcia
Trey Duncan
Thomas Coleman
Magdalene Sturm
Spencer Richardson
Ayan Sunderji
Mark Trejo
Clark Phillips
Diego Moncada
Gabriel Villarreal
Edward Delgado
Michelle Coffee 

Caden Hollingsworth

Caden Gerhart

Carter Bennett

Joseph Hernandez

Conner Mullen

Brehn Walls

Simon Lamarche

Reagan Johnson

Nathan Lewis

William Rehfeld

Connor Fussa

Audrey Bensmiller

Victor Wanjura

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