Our Construction Team is in charge of three main objectives: managing the personnel on site, knowing the construction process, and providing expertise in a variety of tasks on site. Construction Team members, also known as Superintendents on site, communicate between Adult Advisors and Student Supervisors, prepare for volunteers, teach student supervisors construction techniques, and make sure the construction process is followed thoroughly. Superintendents extensively use power tools and typically have previous construction experience. 


2021 Construction Team:

Alex Hales - Team Leader

Hayden Abrevaya

Andrew Bolduc

Cole Carriger

Cameron Castilleja

Brendan Chanpong

Evan Cook

David Elliot

Robert Escobedo

Anna Gledhill

Hugo Gonzalez

Houston Hakala

Jerry Lin

Jeffery Masteller

John Mee

Benjamin Passement

Kate-Riley Rogers

Seth Russell

Kyle Simcox

Taylor Skrobarczyk

Brent Smith

Bryce Sniderwin

Allison Sorrells

Andrew Speer

Jude Wiggins