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Donate to BUILD

Why Donations are Essential

Funding for the BUILD project is provided by the annual financial support of charitable donations given by our private donors and sponsors. As student leaders, we have no administration costs, so your complete donation goes toward the construction process or member resources.

Below are the average cost of supplies for creating ONE medical clinic:


cost: $3850-7000


cost: $5250



cost: $7000


cost: $1000

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cost: $4150

Donate to BUILD's Projects

1. Donate by Mail

A cash or check donation to BUILD, please print and mail our donor form to the address listed on the form.

*Preferred payment method

2. Donate Online

A monetary contribution via card payment to BUILD can be made through the Texas A&M Foundation. 

3. Donate Materials

If you would like to make a material donation to the BUILD project, please contact the Materials Team.

BUILD Endowed Excellence Fund

BUILD Endowed Excellence Fund was created to support our long-term goals and sustain our projects for years to come, extending our impact on local and international communities. You can contribute directly to the BUILD Endowed Excellence Fund through the button down here.

Medical Clinic = $25,000

BUILD is creating 5 this year!

Nigeria - Chad - Turkey - Ukraine - US

Our Clinics in Action

Without the generous support of our donors, BUILD would be not be possible. BUILD would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all those who help us unite the Aggie student body and give back by saving lives around the world.​
If you have any questions regarding donations, please contact External Relations at
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