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Chief Officers

chases headshot_edited.jpg

Chief Operating Officer

Chase Parrish '24

Kates headshot-1-1_edited_edited.jpg

Chief Executive Officer

Kate Rogers '23

alberts headshot_edited.jpg

Chief Financial Officer

Albert Tran '24

Team Leaders

Ians Headshot_edited.jpg

Operations Team Leader

Ian Wiechers '25

Maddies Headshot-1_edited.jpg

Internal Relations Team Leader

Maddie Culotta '25

Kodys Headshot-1_edited.jpg

Materials Team Leader

Kody Villarreal '25

judes headshot_edited.jpg

Construction Team Leader

Jude Wiggins '24

Katys Headshot-1_edited.jpg

Volunteers Team Leader

Kaitlyn Cox '24

Jacks Headshot._edited.jpg
erics headshot_edited.jpg

External Relations Co-Team Leader

Jack Delk '24

External Relations Co-Team Leader

Eric Wang '24

Luiss Headshot_edited.jpg

Development & Training Team Leader

Luis Garcia '24

Lauryns Headshot-1_edited_edited_edited.

Marketing Team Leader

Lauryn Kastenschmidt '25

Joshs Headshot-1_edited.jpg

Design Team Leader

Joshua Phillips '23

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