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BUILD is honored to present the locations and NGO recipients of the five clinics constructed this year. Each NGO will be responsible for staffing and operating each clinic, 


Destination: Chad

The Gouri Village Project’s mission is to improve the  lives of the people of Gouri Village and surrounding communities in Southern Chad by implementing more program initiatives in the areas of education, health and well-being, and  economic and social enterprise. This will be the 1st TAMC sent to Gouri Village to serve the  Gouri community and approximately 26 neighboring villages in the Peni sub-division. The  TAMC will provide the surrounding community with a central location for basic healthcare  needs and aspirations and will be a welcome addition to the fragile healthcare infrastructure in the region.


Destination: Turkey

Walk With Me and Tying Vines are established  partner NGOs that work alongside trusted regional partners to help facilitate medical care,  educational, and vocational training programs that directly benefit underserved  communities. Walk With Me and Tying Vines currently have 4 TAMCs within their network in  Yemen and Jordan. The 5th TAMC will provide medical support for refugees and internally  displaced persons displaced in the Antakya or Gaziantep regions in Turkey where the  healthcare infrastructure is currently decimated in the aftermath of the earthquake on  February 6th, 2023.  

2024 Clinics


Destination: TBD

Medical Bridges (Houston, Texas) is a grassroots NGO that  brings caring people together to challenge healthcare inequities in a sustainable way by  procuring and distributing medical equipment and supplies to underserved communities  around the world. In addition to two TAMCs already deployed to Ukraine, the 2023 TAMC will provide much needed medical services for refugees displaced due to the Russo-Ukrainian War.


Destination: TBD

VOOM Foundation is a private international medical  humanitarian organization made up of volunteer doctors, nurses, health workers, and other support professions who seek to provide impartial sustainable healthcare programs to communities in need in Nigeria. This will be the 4th TAMC received by the VOOM Foundation. The 2023 TAMC will be deployed within a 100-mile radius of the Dame Okwuosa Memorial Hospital, which will allow them to expand their reach and provide necessary medical services to the people residing in surrounding villages. 


Destination: TBD

This first-ever Texas  Aggie Veterinary Clinic was made possible by the collaboration between BUILD and Dr.  Leslie Easterwood and her students at the Texas A&M School of Veterinary Medicine &  Biomedical Sciences. In their Community Service in Veterinary Medicine course,  Easterwood’s students completed a semester-long project in which they were tasked with  planning and designing a veterinary service project concept from a 40-ft shipping container.  Amongst seven competing teams, the project team (Beth Briscoe, Stephanie Cavazos,  Alexandria Inbody, Kathryn Herin, Macy Friedrich, and Kaitlyn Turany) that created a mobile  veterinary clinic concept for STAR was announced as the winning project. With their 1st Texas Aggie Veterinary Clinic, STAR will provide accessible veterinary care to underserved  communities and improve health outcomes for rescued animals in Corpus Christi, Texas. 

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